10 Best And Worst Gifts For Cancer Patients

worst gift for cancer patient
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Finding out your loved one was diagnosed with cancer can be very heartbreaking. Even when heartbroken, you don’t stop thinking of possible ways in which you can assist them.

There is being emotionally there for them which is very important. But, gifts also pass a loud message.

Now, not all gifts are suitable in all situations. It is said that it’s the thought that counts but you can get it wrong sometimes.

Below are some worst gifts for cancer patients.

Chinese Medicine

Allow doctors to do their job. Do not go to the hospital bearing Chinese medicine or alternative medicine.

Trust me, cancer patients have already gotten enough of that from their doctor. Rather, what they need is something refreshing and soothing.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Instead of Chinese medicine, give them your time. Listen to their complaints without interruption. Hug them if allowed, remind them that you’re always around. Express your emotions freely around them; you can cry, laugh, or more.

Concert, sporting event or movie

bad Gift ideas For Cancer Patients

Unless the cancer patient is recuperating, this gift is a bad idea. Tickets to the concert, sporting event or movie might be too much for a cancer patient still undergoing treatment.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Rather, consider gifting them an autograph of their favorite artist or sportsman. This will go a long way in showing that you care.

Also, you can consider reach out to their favorite band/singer and send them a personal message. You will never know they might get back to you.


bad Gifts For Cancer Patients

A vacation can put their lives at risk. If the patient is still undergoing treatment, a vacation is a no-no. But, if the patient is recovering, or just got diagnosed, take permission from the doctor first to see if they are allowed to. go for a vacation.

Alternative Cancer Gift: A camping trip in the garden or backyard is a better idea. Plan and prepare a small picnic for your loved one at the backyard. Surprise them by inviting their bestie to join you guys.


worst birthday gift for cancer patient

Flowers will need tending to flourish. Flower dried, this might remind them of the sad truth of life where people come and go.

Depending on their condition they may be incapable of taking care of them. Also, for patients that are immunocompromised, this may lead to serious health issues especially if they’re allergic.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Rather, consider buying them inspirational wall art. It might be a painting of the flower or any happy moments.

Get Well Cards

worst birthday gift ideas for cancer patient

Trust me, the last thing a cancer patient wants is your pity. Love, attention, and care is all they need. A pre-written get well card can make them feel pity.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Let’s make an “open when” note written by you where they can open whenever they feel scared, lonely or lost. This will show the effort you put in, in wanting to make feel you are there for them.

Food/Fruit Basket

worst christmas gift ideas for cancer patient

For the most part, food/fruit baskets might not seem harmful.

We don’t know what food they can consume, some might even need to give up dairy as the side effects of treatment. Allergies and ugly side effects from cancer patients are the major reasons why a fruit/food basket is one of the worst gifts for cancer patients.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Instead, gift them gift cards from their favorite food restaurants or food delivery services. Food voucher, Uber gift card, Amazon Prime one year subscription where they can get anything they need on their doorsteps within two hours.

This is a great gift for cancer patients that will bring convenient for them.

Gardening Tools

bad birthday Gifts For Cancer Patients

Gardening tools are one of the worst gifts for cancer patients because it might make them feel useless not being strong enough to do some light gardening.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Rather than getting them a set of gardening tools, get them an air purifier. This is a thoughtful gift because cancer patients require a clean environment to improve their condition.

DIY Building Kit

worst christmas gifts for cancer patient

The pains associated with cancer treatment can leave them handicapped. So much so that, the DIY becomes very useless. Hence, gifts other than a DIY kit is advised.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Instead, get them a thoughtful gift basket of all the things they love or pay them a visit and spend time talking with them.


Worst visiting Gift ideas For Cancer Patients

Don’t get me wrong, books can be a great idea but sometimes reading can be tiring and you want them to rest more.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Instead, get them a podcast or audiobooks about their favorite things. It might be food, fashion, or engineering.

Beauty Products

Worst visiting Gift For Cancer Patients

Beauty products like scented makeup and soaps are some of the worst cancer gifts for cancer patients. The scenting components in them can cause nausea and even compromise their immune system.

Alternative Cancer Gift: Get them organic skincare like this one. Get them unscented beauty products. Most unscented beauty products are of organic sources. There are even bath materials made specifically for cancer patients that can be gotten in stores. Organic care packages can be gotten from here.


Never forget that the most important gift is time. Gifts are cool but investing quality time to go on visits is of utmost importance.
Give from a place of love and care.

Also, consider whoever is taking care of the patient. Might be a wife or sister or brother or husband, just make sure you take care of them too because they will be too busy taking care of the patient and forgot about taking care for themself.

Finally, if you’ve been confused before about gifts to give, I hope this list sheds more light on the issue.

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