25 Horrifying Zombie Gifts That Will Scare Me And You

zombie gifts
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Finding the perfect Zombie gift items to surprise your friends, families, and colleagues can be difficult, especially when you do not have so many options to choose from. 

We decided to help you out by compiling these amazing and unique zombie gifts to make this task a breeze. 

Color Changing Zombie Mug – Best zombie gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Color Changing Zombie Mug

Mug gifts will never get old, especially the recent rave of a color-changing mug. Imagine how happy your colleague will be to receive a high-quality mug that changes color into a zombie. How cool is that? The product makes unique zombie gifts. It’s also functional and long-lasting.

Pennywise Collector Doll

Monster High IT Pennywise Collector Doll

This doll was inspired by a legendary horror movie that wears a befitting clown suit with tulle ruffles. If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary pretty little pony-tied dolls in gift stores, you should consider buying this product included in many awesome zombie gifts lists. It makes a nice addition to any doll collection. 

Zombie Chia Plant

Chia Zombie Dragging Drew/Torso Pet

A zombie chia plant could just be everything you need in a gift. It comes with a unique and convenient plastic drip, pottery planter, and seed packets for tree planting.

Any zombie lover with an eye for plants will appreciate this gift. 

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce

If you have never heard about a zombie apocalypse, this is your cue to not only find out about it but also gift it to someone. Every ingredient used in this hot sauce is natural.

It can be used on foods like tacos, pizza, hot wings, and roasted and grilled proteins. It gives a burst of flavor to sandwiches, rice, salad, eggs, and as a marinade. 

Haunted Doll with Sound

Morris Costumes Haunted Doll With Sound

What better cool zombie gift can you give someone than a haunted doll that makes sounds. It does not require much work to start talking; all you need is to insert two AA batteries. This gift idea is a sturdy and perfect size, not too big and not too small. 

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Another product that makes it to the funny zombie gifts ideas is a hand scratcher. This sturdy creepy scratcher is worth its price.

You don’t have to worry about the gift-getting broken or spoilt easily. It’s made of a durable resin material perfect for a good and relaxing back scratch. 

Zombie Couple Keychain

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Broken Heart Keychain

If you are looking for a perfect wedding or valentine’s gift for your better half, this keychain is creepily cute and will preserve your spot in your partner’s heart. It is made of alloy and stainless steel that are both nickel and lead-free. It does not tarnish, change color, or even rust. 

Funny Zombie Hoodie

Funny Zombie Hoodie

Zombie fashion lovers are not left out as these hoodies are specially curated to adorn them. It is very well designed and can easily replace any other favorite shirt.

You can get them in different sizes. It is a vibrant choice to show your love to that special someone. 

Zombie Decorative Figurine

Zombie Decorative Figurine

This figurine of a raven feeding off a zombie skull is hand polished and painted, which gives it a more personal touch and realistic zombie gifts for Christmas or even Halloween.

Your recipients will have to brace themself up for their spookiness, but the more spooky, the better right? 

Zombie Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Your spicy-loving friends will love this hot sauce zombie gift set containing four flavorful, unique bottles of Louisiana-made sauces.

The set makes a thoughtful gift that will make your recipients feel extra loved. The sauces are not that hot but spicy enough to give the ooze. They also come in special and delicious flavors. 

Funny Cute Zombie T-Shirt

Funny Cute Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie gifts for kids can be creatively spooky, which is what this kind of shirt represents. It illustrates a zombie walking sadly because of a lost birthday balloon and an arm. Get this for their class zombie-themed party or for them to wear to a zombie movie.

It is made of cotton material, so you do not have to worry about its comfort and durability. 

Unisex Zombie Plush Slippers

These fabric slippers make a great autumn Halloween party spookier. It is dense, plush thick, and does not shed easy.

Anyone who receives these comfortable and super soft slippers will undoubtedly love their warm effect on the feet. 

Funny Metal Sign

Funny Metal Sign

Available in red, rust, and white colors, this metal sign with inscribed zombie words will wow anyone. It is lightweight and made with quality aluminum, giving it a resistant and durable finish.

There are varieties of inscriptions to choose from, so you do not have to worry about them being generic. 

Zombie Disguise Funny T-Shirt

Zombie Disguise Funny T-Shirt

Zombie shirts are not going anywhere any time soon. Here’s a unique and funny graphic shirt with lasting durability and vibrant colors.

If you are not sure what gift will fit an occasion, you should get this. You can never go wrong with zombie shirt gifts. It is also lightweight, which gives it a comfortable feel and fit.

The Grave Wine Bottle Holder

The Grave Wine Bottle Holder

To see a zombie rise with a wine bottle from the grave makes an eerie sight. This figurine is specially handcrafted using resin material and is available in different colors. It is one of the most eye-catching zombie gifts at a Halloween party or on a wine rack. 

Zombie Scarecrow

Zombie Garden Scarecrow

An evil scarecrow-like this will be the right gift for anyone who is into stocking up on Halloween antiques or spooky house decorations or an apocalypse garden.

It looks destined for a secret garden or haunted house. It was made using crushed stone, so you can count on its durability.

Zombie Blanket

Zombie Blanket

Blankets are cozy, and anyone who loves to cuddle will always be excited to have a new addition to their collection.

This zombie blanket is lightweight, so you can snuggle in it while sitting on the couch, bed, or sofa. You can send it with a handwritten note alongside to make it more thoughtful. 

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Zombie Garden Gnomes

If the person you consider getting a zombie gift for has lawn ornaments or dreams of having one in the future, this gift will be an excellent way to let them know you support them in their eerie passion.

These garden gnomes are made with exquisite artistry, so you should expect to see the most thrilling and terrifying gnome ever. 

Zombie T-Shirt For Boys

Zombie T-Shirt For Boys

This zombie shirt knows how to dab. If the person you want to get a gift is trendy, loves dancing, and adores ghoul faces and dead monsters, you are sure that they will appreciate this product. It is a classic fit, lightweight, and made with double-needle bottom and sleeve. 

Zombie Poster

Activision – Zombie Poster

Zombie posters are another unique way of expressing your love for a zombie lover. What makes this gift special is that the recipient can hang it on their wall, and every time they look at it, you will always come to their mind. That is just about the sweetest yet creepy thing ever, right?

Zombie Toilet Brush Set

Design Toscano – Zombie Toilet Brush Set

Fun zombie gifts can also be spooky. This zombie apocalypse edition gives a bathroom a distinct look. You can gift this to your zombie-loving friend as a housewarming gift.

It comes with a brush holder and bowl brush, making a complete high-quality gag gift. This set can also be funny bathroom accessories for men. 

Zombie Whirligig Spinner

Premier Kites Whirligig Spinner

These easy-to-assemble kites are kid-friendly and fun to look at. You can get them as birthday gifts for your children or your fiend’s children who love spinning zombies.

It is also a good way to let children see that they can control the zombies, so they don’t have to fear them.

The Walking Dead Zombie Action Figure

The Walking Dead Zombie Action Figure

This Walking Dead action figure makes it to the list of cool zombie gifts you can buy for your friends or colleagues. This set includes a Maggie knife and helmet for head actions.

It is covered in armor and will be difficult to gun down. If your recipient is a lover of the Walking Dead series, you don’t have to think twice about putting this in your cart. 

Zombie Thinker Statue

Zombie Thinker Statue

This will make a good humor gift to a person deemed by many others as an overthinker. It can also be your way of letting them know you appreciate the trait.

It is made in different colors, so you can choose the person’s favorite color to add a little more spice to the gift. After all, there are no rules that say zombie gifts must be all dark and gloomy. 

Horror House Fitted Sheet & Pillow

Ambesonne Horror House Fitted Sheet & Pillow

The last but certainly not the least is this horror house sheet and pillow. You can give this as a funny gift to your couple of friends who are into horror movies. They will have a good laugh over it. It has an all-around pocket and will snug right into any sturdy mattresses.

Final Thoughts

As these gifts imply, it is not that hard to look for gifts for people who love zombies. You have many choices no matter the age of the person you’re going to give a gift to. Have fun shopping!

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